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Emergency kit to raise your vibration

We all have days when we are feeling low or we are suddenly facing a situation which is triggering us to fall very quickly into anger, frustration, sadness, helplessness etc. 

Here is my invitation for you to create your own personal emergency kit to get your vibes going into a good feeling motion. Before reacting to a difficult emotional situation try some of the following suggestions if you can.

- Make a choice: do you want to keep on brooding and blaming (yourself or others) or do you want to move on?

- Change your posture as if you would embrace the whole world. Open your arms wide, throw back your head and smile into the sky - if you stand like this for at least 2 minutes you will feel the change (you simply can’t stand like this and feel angry or vica versa.

- Take a couple of real deep breaths into your heart space and meditate

- put on your happy music (I have a playlist for this specific reason)

- remember a silly, funny, happy moment of your life (have  a couple of such moments ready - because when you are steaming with anger, you simply can’t remember anything happy)

- fool your body and feelings by simply smiling for at least 1 minutes - your body and emotions can’t help but start to smile for real after a while. Somehow your body is releasing the happy hormones because we are using these muscles. I know it feels very silly in the beginning but hey, it really works and when you are at it already, you can just as well make some more funny faces

- take a shower and imagine how your energy field is being clarified and cleansed

- go for a brisk walk and ground yourself (kicking a tree helps too…)

- and there are hundreds of funny videos on YouTube

All these steps might not send you on top of the world within a few seconds but I am pretty sure, you will feel much better after exercising 2 or 3 of them. Choose what works best for you.

Have a great and happy day

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